Do you believe in fairy tales....?? An enchanted castle, elephants, camels, horses, sand dunes, magical lamps and the ROYALS of course..... This is not a place out of and Alibaba or Alladin book. It is a place frozen in time, rich in culture and traditions of a bygone era. A rugged rural homestay in this forgotten hamlet, Sathin Garh is enchanting and original. A true lense into Indian heritage.

Rural Homestay

Situated in the heart of Rajasthan, come visit a jewel in abode of the BHATI clan. This is a perfect retreat for those who are looking for a little solitude and adventure with a generous helping of the true essence and rich culture of Rajasthan.

A place which is suitable for all be it bikers, people halting for a quick bite or lunch, or guests who have come to stay overnight as our guests. We welcome all alike and promise Marwari Hospitality at its genuine best. With a whole lot of activities ranging from town walks to village safaris, from Jeep safaris to live kitchen demos and classes, Sathin Garh can surely boast to be the best rural home stay in India.

Your hosts are famed for the delicacies of the "House of Sathin". You can partake ot traditional recipes which have been handed down to the family members by the elders. Authentic Indian spices and farm fresh vegetables from the local market can be bought and cooked as per your choice.

So dont just sit there and dream of the perfect getaway of the best holiday at a most charming price..... Come to Sathin Garh and fulfill all your dreams. Feel like a king and live like one.

Sathin Garh Sathin Garh Sunset