There are a myriad of activities that you can do while visiting Sathin.

Activities at Sathin Garh

Town Walk

Pipar City 6 kms from Sathin Garh. Visitors can explore the hidden gem in the desert as the guide helps them unfold the great mysteries of Sathin. At Pipar City one can explore the sabzi mandi, the potters lane and the wonderfull world of 'Chippa' the traditional block painting ope their doors to the much inquisitive traveller.

Village Walk

Village walk offers a wonderfull insight into the culture and traditions prevalent in the villages of Rajasthan. The step wells of the 'Baori' being the main attraction of this architectural & culture rich marvel.

Jeep Safari

One of the most popular safaris. Our specially carfted tours take you through the much renowned 'Bishnoi" villages. The Bishnois known as the conservationists to whom the conservation of the flaura and fauna is a religion.

Live Cooking

How can a person understand a place without understanding its flavours? On special requests, the royal family throws open its kitchen doors to the visitors to allow them to get a brief insight in their cooking methods and the famous rajasthan culinary secrets. The preparations are served to the guests on Chaunkis and brass and copper utensils as was done 350 years ago.