Sathin is one of the principal Thikana's of erstwhile Marwar State. One of the few Thikana's governed by Bhati Rajputs in Marwar.

History of Sathin

Thakur Govind Singh ji and his wife Thakurani Man Kanwar are the current Jagirdars of Sathin. The property is managed by their son Kunwar Chandrashekhar Sathin & his wife Kunwarani Bhimeshwari Singh Sathin, the current descendants of the illustrious Bhati clan welcome you to Sathin Garh their ancestral home. A mere 70 kms from Jodhpur, Sathin is one of many villages of the desert that can boast of its own fort. Over 350 years old, this fort and its history has special mention in the history of the Bhati clan of Marwar, with a special reference to Jodh Singh Bhati the most powerfull, fearless and ferocious warrior ever. He was one of the strongest pillars of the Bhati Clan.

The Fort of Sathin is even today very well equipped as it was 350 years ago. It has a separate Judiciary system, a Jail House, more than 25 Horse and Camel stables, a Granary and separate living quarters as were prevalent at that time in only large forts.

The rooms and the royal suites have been preserved and maintained the same way as they were during the feudal times.